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With RetailPay, you can receive payments for purchases from any Verve, MasterCard Naira and Visa cards including POS Terminals. It is a seamless payment processing platform for merchants.

Key Features

  • Accepts dual payment options (Card and Cash).

  • Prints multiple receipts to show who, what, where and how goods and services were paid for.

  • Customizable for customers.

Other benefits and features

  • Alternative means of accepting payment from customers.

  • Automated credit of all acquired transactions to bank account.

  • Faster service delivery.


  • Duly opened account with the Bank.

  • Duly completed merchant registration form.

Manual Registration

Click here to download the Titan Retail Pay opening form. The form can be submitted at any Titan Trust Bank branch or emailed to us at: contactcentre@titantrustbank.com

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